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Property Inventories

Ever since the government changed the way tenancy deposits are handled it has been imperative for landlords to provide their tenants with an inventory when they move into a new property. All too often we still see landlords failing to take this simply but vital step in the process. Failing to provide an inventory makes it impossible to prove the condition of your property prior to the tenants moving in and subsequently leaves you unable to claim for damages caused against any deposit held.

Some frequently used excuses for not providing inventories..

  • It’s unfurnished.. You may be unpleasantly surprised one day how much the cost of repairs to an unfurnished property can be if you are unable to claim a penny against a tenants deposit should the worst happen.
  • I have never had a problem before.. Lucky you, but as one of our clients found out the hard way, it can be just a matter of luck. Damages to just one property one year far outweighed the money saved that that client now has inventories done as advised. Please don’t learn the hard way.
  • I don’t have time.. No problem, our Tenant Find Plus service includes them as standard.
  • I do them myself.. It’s great that you are doing an inventory, but please note that from our experience a fully independent inventory carries a lot more weight and is less likely to be successfully disputed.

I don’t write the above to scare landlords, or to profit from them, we are professionals at this and have seen many hundreds of tenancies. This advice comes from our many years of experience in helping landlords get it right and sadly from seeing where they have got it wrong.

Independent Inventories

Our inventories are provided by a third party and are therefore independent of the landlord or agent which is crucial if there is any disagreement over the report. The reports are comprehensive, running to many pages and include lots of photographs.

Have them Included..

To help our clients with this and the deposit requirements we created the Tenant Find Plus service, our tenant finding service that also includes deposit handling and a property inventory.

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